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the company

Jacques Dupasquier, The Net Group's Chairman, came up with the visionary boutique office concept in 1999 and, together with partner Carlos Rufino, seized the potential in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) to make the vision a reality. "Our idea was to offer a unique concept, a boutique office building where you can go every day, you are cared for, people know you by name, and the service, ultra-personalized," says Dupasquier, a French Filipino who, with his family, also owns a string of boutique hotels in Europe. "I treat each one of my tenants as individual guests and provide them a unique service by segmenting their needs."

Carlos Rufino, President of The Net Group, made a commitment in 1999 together with partner Jacques Dupasquier to focus development within BGC. As the former Senior Vice President for Business Development for BGC, Rufino knew first-hand the potential of this former military base that was converted to private use.

Today, BGC has become the jewel in the crown of the boom city of Taguig and is the preeminent emerging business district of the country. Its carefully crafted design is based on city master plans from across Europe and the U.S. Taguig's close proximity to existing central business districts and residential areas of Makati, elevation (20 m. above sea level), world-class infrastructure, and city management grant it a distinct geographical and strategic advantage over other cities in Metro Manila.

The Net Group - An Evolving Revolutionary Venture

The Net Group, named in 2010 as the “Entrepreneurship Team of the Year” by the Asia CEO Awards, is setting new benchmarks with Net Park - but this furthering sustainability as a scorecard. Founded and led by the entrepreneurial partners Jacques Dupasquier (Chairman) and Carlos Rufino (President), the group pioneered the “boutique IT office building” concept in the country with their Net One Center, Net Square, Net Cube, Net Quad, Net Plaza, and Net Lima developments in Bonifacio Global City. Net Park is the seventh in this series of intelligent office buildings owned by the group, which remains the biggest office developer in Bonifacio Global City with 54.5% of the gross leasable office in the area. With its unique workplace lifestyle and aesthetic, The Net Group's buildings are currently occupied by Fortune 500 companies and prominent corporations like JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, GE, Intel, Oracle, Ericsson, and Quisumbing Torres (Baker and McKenzie).

vision & mission


To be recognized as the premier brand in delivering unparalleled workplace experience.


To revolutionize the workplace by creating a unique and sustainable lifestyle experience that offers excellence in design, technology, and service.

the net group team

  • Jacques Dupasquier Chairman
  • Carlos Rufino Chief Executive Officer
  • Ramon D. Rufino Co-President
  • Cristina S. Samson Co-President

Real estate connoisseurs Jacques Dupasquier and Charlie Rufino started The Net Group (TNG) in 1999. The group delivers projects and strives to exceed expectations in the real estate industry. TNG’s concentration is to develop Grade AAA commercial office buildings and workplace experience in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

The team participates in all aspects of the project development process from conceptualization, construction, financing, leasing & marketing, property management, asset management, and investor relations.

Truly, the expertise developed through years of experience is the driving force that bolsters TNG’s standing in the real estate sector. With the combination of flexible, quick decision-making and hands-on dedication, TNG is able to deliver and successfully meet the demands required of this kind of industry.


the net group milestones

  • December 2015
    Net Park is a finalist for the title
    “5 Star Best Commercial
    High-Rise Development” at the
    International Property Awards’
    Regional and Global Division
    in London, UK
    December 2015
    Don Emilio Abello Energy Efficiency
    Awards: Outstanding Award to
    Net One Center; Citation Award to
    Net Square; Citation Award to Net Quad
    July 2015
    Real Estate Personality of the Year
    given to Co-President Raymond Rufino
    May 2015
    Net Lima receives the title
    “5 Star Best Commercial High-Rise
    Development” at the International
    Property Awards Asia Pacific
    in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    April 2015
    Net Park Topping Off Ceremony
    February 2015
    Net Park is launched
  • June 2014
    Philippine Property Awards - Highly
    Commended Office Development -
    Net Lima
  • December 2013
    2013 Don Emilio Abello Energy
    Efficiency Awards
    Recognition - Net Quad
    October 2013
    Net Park signs its first Tenant
    September 2013
    Philippine representative for
    ASEAN Energy Award 2013 for
    Best Practice Competition
    in Buildings (Category:
    New and Existing Buildings)
    July 2013
    The Net Group switches 5
    buildings into Cleanergy
    with Aboitiz Power
    May 2013
    International Property Awards - PH
    -Development Marketing -Net Lima
    January 2013
    Net Park Groundbreaking
  • December 2012
    2012 Don Emilio Abello Energy
    Efficiency Awards
    Recognition - Net Quad
    December 2012
    Net Lima is fully-leased
    April 2012
    International Property Awards -
    PH - Highly Commended Office
    Development - Net Lima
    February 2012
    Net Lima welcomes its first tenant
  • December 2011
    2011 Don Emilio Abello Energy
    Efficiency Awards Recognition
    Special Award - Net One Center
    and Net Plaza.
    October 2011
    Net Lima Topping Off Ceremony
    June 2011
    PR event for Net Lima which
    included a chopper ride around
    the entire portfolio, including the
    construction site for Net Lima,
    and concluded in a sunset cruise
    on a private yacht in Manila bay.
    February 2011
    Net Lima is launched
    February 2011
    Chad Oppenheim arrives in Manila
    and gives a talk on Green
    Building and signs books in
    Fully Booked BGC
  • November 2010
    2010-2011 Asia CEO Award
    Entrepreneurial Team of the Year
    for Chairman Jacques Dupasquier
    and CEO Charlie Rufino
    June 2010
    Net Lima Groundbreaking
    April 2010
    Net Plaza receives Plaque of Distinction
    for being Taguig City’s 16th Top
    Tax Payer of the Year 2009
    February 2010
    Net Plaza receives Plaque of
    Recognition for being
    Taguig City’s 3rd Top
    Corporate Tax Payer of
    the Year 2009
  • April 2009
    Net Plaza is fully-leased
    April 2009
    Net Square receives Plaque of Distinction
    on Taguig’s 422nd Foundation
    Day for being the 11th Top
    Tax Payer of the Year 2008
    April 2009
    Net Cube receives Plaque of
    Distinction for being Taguig
    City’s 10th Top Tax Payer of
    the Year 2008
  • October 2008
    Net Quad is fully-leased
    May 2008
    Net Square receives BIR Certificate of
    Recognition for being the 2007 Top
    Corporate Taxpayer in Taguig
    April 2008
    Won bid for Net Lima and Net Park lot
  • December 2007
    Net Cube is fully-leased
    June 2007
    Net Plaza starts construction
    May 2007
    Net Quad starts construction
  • September 2006
    Net Square is fully-leased
    May 2006
    Net Cube starts construction
  • April 2005
    Net Square starts construction
  • May 2003
    Net One Center is fully-leased
  • September 1999
    The first high rise commercial office
    building in the Fort, Net One Center,
    starts construction
  • The Net Group was formed - Partnership of
    J. DUPASQUIER and the RUFINO Family
    amidst the Asian Financial Crisis